Your Toothpaste is Full of Junk

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Hydrated silica. Sodium monofluorophosphate. Triclosan. Those must be the names of anti-depressant medications or construction materials, right? Wrong. They’re actually ingredients in the toothpastes most people use every night and every morning. Over at Good’s “No More Dirty Looks” blog, Siobhan O’Connor translates your toothpaste tube’s nine-syllable ingredients into useful English–and finds some dangerous chemicals in the process.

One of O’Connor’s examples, common toothpaste-additive triclosan,”[is] an environmental pollutant, it may be responsible for strains of resitant bacteria, and unless you work in a hospital, you should avoid anything that contains it.”

What else are you unknowingly putting in your mouth?

Source: Good

Image by Shermeee, licensed under Creative Commons.

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