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    Whisky for the Environment

    Whisky fuels lots of things—rebellions, country and western songs, and Shane MacGowan, to name just a few. Now it’s going to power 9,000 homes in Scotland.More specifically, whisky byproducts are going to power the homes, in the distillery-rich region of Speyside, by helping to fuel a local ...

    Chicago Brewery Goes for Zero Waste

    A growing number of beer makers are incorporating green practices in their brewing operations, but a couple of brothers setting up a brewery in Chicago are setting their sights even higher, reports the Chicago Reader: They’re aiming for a zero-waste facility.The key is that the New Chicago ...

    Composting in the City: The Good and the Rotten

    Berkeley, California, is proving that municipal composting of urban food and yard waste is possible—but the city’s program is also experiencing growing pains, according to “Compost Confidential” in the Northern California environmental magazine Terrain:Good ideas—like enriching the ...


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