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    The Nile Project: Bringing the River Basin Together and to the World

            “I would like to state this: That Nile water that God has given you, Don’t fight among you just for it, But it might help you all and you might all protect it.” -“Uruzi Nil” (Burundi) People have gathered and settled near rivers, lakes and coasts for ...

    The City as a Commons

    The disaster with Flint, Michigan’s drinking water, incited by political leaders more devoted to fiscal austerity than the common good, illuminates why it’s important to think of our cities as commons — human creations that belong to all residents, not just the wealthy and politically ...

    People-Funded Solar Project Plants the Seed for Community Activism

    How one organization is using crowdfunding to save the planet.Although investing in photovoltaic panels saves money on electricity bills, the thousands of dollars in immediate costs for panel installation can be an obstacle for home and building owners who want to go solar. RE-volv, a ...


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