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    Composting Bicycles

    Finding good composting options can be tough, especially in suburbia. What’s even tougher is finding a compost hauling service that’s also eco-friendly—that is, outside of Kirksville, Missouri. There, students have formed an innovative team of bicycle couriers to collect their ...

    Composting in the City: The Good and the Rotten

    Berkeley, California, is proving that municipal composting of urban food and yard waste is possible—but the city’s program is also experiencing growing pains, according to “Compost Confidential” in the Northern California environmental magazine Terrain:Good ideas—like enriching the ...

    The Guru of Doo-Doo

    Tim Dundon is a prolifically composting, rhyme-spitting eco-prophet living on a lush, Edenesque mountain of decomposing waste. His compost-rich soil, much of it made from his own excrement, is so powerfully fertile he has dubbed it “kraptonite.” Catch Dundon kicking some knowledge about the ...


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