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    Putting Income Inequality on the Table

    A new study shows how the food gap is widening—and what can be done. How does income inequality translate to the food that ends up on our dinner tables? For those on low-income budgets, the results look pretty disheartening according to a new study by the Harvard School of Public ...

    Fascism Comes To Michigan

    This post was originally published at Care2.***The very essence of democratic rule may be about to die in Michigan.If Gov. Rick Snyder (R) gets his way soon he will have the ability to unilaterally declare a “fiscal emergency.”  Once such an emergency is declared he would then have the ...

    Marijuana Law Reforms See Landslide Victory in Two States

    Below the roar of the presidential race and measures on reproductive and same-sex marriage rights, two states approved sweeping changes to marijuana laws on November 4, reports AlterNet.Michigan voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana for medical use, while Massachusetts ...


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