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    Poaching in Africa Becomes Increasingly Militarized

    Photo by Rhett  A. Butler• Due to skyrocketing consumer demand, particularly from Asia, today’s wildlife traffickers have the resources to outfit their henchmen with weaponry and equipment that often outmatches that of the local park rangers.• The poachers doing the most damage in Africa ...

    Approaches to Prevent Poaching

    A number of efforts are being aimed at saving Africa's animals.The outlook for many of Africa’s grand animals is bleak. There are only 26,000 rhinos left, the majority of which live in South Africa where one dies every seven hours; in Gabon forest elephants are dying at a rate of 9 percent ...

    Collect Herbs, Not Trophy Tigers

    Medicinal herbs stave off a range of ills, including the common cold, joint stiffness, and herpes outbreaks. Soon, they might be able to stave off tiger poaching. The Wildlife Conservation Society Russia Program hopes to reduce Siberian tiger poaching by collecting and selling certified organic ...


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