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    The Slow Death of Creativity in Sound

    How Music Dies (Or Lives)(Allworth Press, 2016), by Ian Brennan, serves as a guide to those who ask themselves, “What’s wrong with our culture?” Along with possible answers are lessons in using the microphone as a telescope, hearing the earth as an echo, and appreciating the value of ...

    The Music Is Just an Illusion

    For people who’ve wasted too many migraine-inducing hours staring at optical illusions (like the old and the young woman, or that darn elephant) the special music issue of New Scientist offers some respite. One article features five examples of effective auditory illusions, which offer ...

    Can’t Find the Fire Extinguisher? Try Screaming.

    Sound waves may be able to put out fires, according to an article in the Scientific American, but the reason why is still unclear. Scientists think the phenomenon may have something to do with the relationship between pressure caused by sound and temperature. So the next time you light your ...


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