Special Online Project: Sustainable Seafood

Seafood BasketsIn our September-October 2008 issue, Utne Reader excerpted a startling, vital book: Bottomfeeder, by Taras Grescoe, exposes the profound damage human appetites are bringing about on fragile ocean ecosystems, and the less-than-savory conditions from which much of the world’s farmed fish hails.

“The good news is that there is a way to eat that balances conservation and health—even when it comes to the complex, multispecies cuisine that is seafood,” Grescoe writes. “And it can be done without leaving the oceans, or our plates, empty.”

In that spirit, we’ve collected a slew of resources to help readers start learning about or expand their knowledge of sustainable seafood. We have online exclusive content from Grescoe’s Bottomfeeder. We’ve also assmebled mouth-watering recipes for readers making the shift to sustainable cooking. Plus, there are oodles of online resources, everything from websites for parents preparing seafood for children to simple mercury safety calculators.

More from Taras Grescoe’s Bottomfeeder
Ethical Recipes & Kitchen Resources
Oodles of Online Resources

Image by McPig, licensed under Creative Commons.


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