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    Table of Contents: Fall 2017

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    Emerging Ideas

    Public Banking Goes to Pot
    Can the cannabis industry help launch the nation’s first public bank in nearly a century?
    by Jeremy Lybarger, from High Country News

    Faint Sounds, Loud Impact
    At the edge of our industrialized wildlands, Kurt Fristrup is listening.
    Interview by Timothy A. Schuler, from Landscape Architecture Magazine


    Living Death
    Keeping the culture of Indigenous peoples alive through the power of storytelling
    by Siku Allooloo, from Briarpatch

    One Monsoon
    From a continent away, a young Peace Corps worker senses all is not well back home.
    by Don Messerschmidt, from The Common


    Learning From the Man Known Only as ‘Him’
    Navigating the moral complexities inherent in dissecting cadavers
    by Jeanette Der Bedrosian, from John Hopkins Magazine

    The Lost Picture Show
    After embracing magnetic tape storage, Hollywood archivists struggle to keep pace with the technology.
    by Marty Perlmutter, from IEEE Spectrum

    Imagining Sanskrit Land
    Religious nationalism and transglobal yoga
    by Patrick McCartney, from Arena Magazine


    Too Sick to Go Home – Too Poor to Get Better
    Micronesian migrants struggle for health care in U.S.
    by Krista Langlois, from The New Territory

    Maroons and the Dismal Swamp
    One road out of slavery took you straight into the boggiest place you’ve ever been.
    by William H. Funk, from Humanities

    Extra Kindness for the Most Vulnerable (and Resilient) Mariposas
    LGBTQ refugees and immigrants often lack a supportive network of fellow nationals – but now that’s changing.
    by Norman Allen, from YES! Magazine

    A List of My Utopias
    A collection of utopias and a reflection of life.
    by Debbie Urbanski, from The Sun

    Mindful Living

    A World Ever at Its End
    Living amid the destruction of everything we ever knew
    by Douglas Penick, from Tricycle

    Meeting Nature as a Presence
    Aldo Leopold and the deeper nature of Nature
    by Craig Holdrege, from In Context

    Mixed Media

    Rap on Trial
    Are rap lyrics about crime evidence of real criminality?
    by Matthew Dewald, from University of Richmond Magazine

    Family Values
    The women of the Addams Family as the Divine Feminine
    by Gabriela Herstik, from Sabat Magazine

    Propagandopoly: Monopoly as an Ideological Tool
    Known around the world as a symbol of both the fun and folly of capitalism, Monopoly has often been viewed as a vehicle for political indoctrination.
    by Naomi Russo, from Works That Work

    Technician of the Sacred
    Three recent books demonstrate that John Cage is overdue for a populist revival
    by Tim Keane, from Utne Reader

    Editor’s Note
    by Ben Sauder

    by Eric Utne

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    Published on Sep 20, 2017


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