Table of Contents: January-February 2009

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January-February 2009


Fear ItselfOn the eve of a new presidency, we are singularly poised to challenge those things that scare us silly
by Julie Hanus

What Are You Afraid Of?Great writing from Utne Reader‘s library on how fear shapes our lives

FEATURE: Education

Putting the Public Back in Public EducationWhat it would take to ensure that nobody’s child is left behind
by Hannah Lobel

The People’s ProfessorAn Ivy League scholar breaks the rules, waives the fees, and welcomes the workaday residents of Harlem into his politically charged classroom
by Courtney E. Martin

America 101Most Americans would fail a citizenship exam. That has to change.
by Eric Lane, from Democracy

Online Exclusive: Innovative Educational Reform Efforts

FEATURE: Two Spirits

Sacred RightsGay and transgender Native Americans find acceptance in tradition
by John Rosengren, photos by Mike Dvorak

Online Exclusive: Photos from the Two Spirit Gathering


Get Radical. Get Some Rest.Ditching our hyperproductive lifestyles won’t just benefit us–it will help save the earth
by Matt Carmichael, from Resurgence

Give Us a BreakStarved for time off, American workers keep getting sicker, sadder, and less productive
by Silja J.A. Talvi, from In These Times

Want to Get Away? Stay Keith Goetzman

The No Wake ZoneCan’t sleep through the night? You’re not supposed to.
by Mary Sykes Wylie, from Psychotherapy Networker


Sexing Up the Religious RightConservatives are getting down and dirty to spread their social agenda
by Dagmar Herzog, from New Humanist

On Our WatchThe world is inundated with stories about the genocide in Darfur. So why haven’t we stopped it?
by Richard Just, from the New Republic

Online Exclusive: Darfur Reading List

Corporate SpooksSpies might miss the Cold War, but they’re getting plenty of work tracking activists
by Paul Demko

PlusMuslim R.E.S.P.E.C.T.Iraq on the CouchWord Watch: TransitivityNow That’s Fresh FishFreedom Ride Over the RainbowBlaming the Victim. Again.Survival of the DiverseNative Airwaves


Funky HarpsA DJ’s turntables flip experimental music on its head
by Khalid Halhoul

Online Exclusive: Video of Walter Kitundu

From Pop Charts to PoliticsIs hip-hop’s mainstream success hindering its political future?
by Adam Serwer, from the American Prospect

Plus:Film ReviewsBook ReviewsMusic Reviews


Green Renting RevolutionEcofriendly options emerge for tenants who band together
by Kari Volkmann-Carlsen

Online Exclusive: Guide to Green Greening Your Apartment

Not So Pretty in PinkCompanies market makeup to girls as young as 3, exposing them to toxic chemicals and early puberty
by Stacy Malkan, from Natural Solutions

Online Exclusive: Guide to Non-Toxic Body Care

When Groups Don’t ThinkCollaboration, done right, produces dazzling results. So why is it often disastrous?
by Jake Mohan

Ageless ArousalDespite what they say in those Viagra ads, sex is not a win-lose game
by Michael Metz and Barry McCarthy, from Psychotherapy Networker


The BoilStuck in Senegal with a beautiful woman and a festering wound
by John O’Connor, from Open City

If Books Could KillOil baron publishers, ink-stained bioweapons, and a readers’ revolution in the year 2025
by Heidi Julavits, from Creative Nonfiction

Afghanistan Is One Lonely PlanetTravel tips for touring a war zone–on a budget
by Gregory Warner, from Paper Monument


Editor’s Note: The Morning Ever
LettersShelf Life: Immorally Detained
Forward: It’s the Population, Kids

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