Table of Contents: September-October 2008

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September-October 2008

FEATURE: Mother Earth’s Big Comeback

TomorrowlandAn eco-smart urban design competition turns “what ifs” into “what is”
by E.B. Boyd, from Conscious Choice

Hiring Mother Earth to Do Her ThingAre capitalists the new conservationists?
by E.B. Boyd, from Whole Life Times

Green All the LawyersLegal expert Mary Wood on how Lady Justice could tip the scales
interview by Carla A. Wise, from High Country News

In Praise of Economic PainWhy the threat of recession could lead to an environmental boon
by Hannah Lobel

Environmental Innovations to Give You Hope

Online Exclusive: More Environmental Innovations to Give You Hope

FEATURE: Imperial Presidency

Supreme Warlord of the EarthIt’s time to rein in the imperial U.S. presidency
by Gene Healy, from Reason

Presidential Power to the PeopleAuthor Dana D. Nelson on why democracy demands that the next president be taken down a notch
interview by David Schimke


The MisunderstoodLiving with and learning from the Roma, who still endure gypsy stereotypes
by Keith Goetzman,
photos by Joakim Eskildsen

Special Online Project: The Roma People


Sharing War’s BurdenWe need modern rituals to heal our wounded warriors
by Edward Tick, from Yes!

Shooting BlanksWhy gun control misses the target
by Jim Kessler, from Democracy

Taking Sex Edto SchoolYoung people get real about the birds and the bees
by Barbara Miner, from ColorLines

Plus: Farmers Fight for Gay Rights, Humanizing Corporate Responsibility, Underground Railroad, Texas-Sized Mental Problems, Nuclear by Any Other Name, Don’t Blame the Olsen Twins!


The Art of the New DealRediscovered WPA posters pack a potent visual punch
by Joseph Hart

Digging Deep in DixieThe Jackson Free Press is an alternative weekly with a Southern soul
by Casey Sanchez, from Next American City

Bohemia in Brooklyn
Move over, Manhattan: There’s a new jazz nucleus
by Jennifer Odell

Online Exclusive: Brooklyn-Born Jazz

Plus: Film Reviews, Book Reviews, Music Reviews 


Bundle of TroubleKids are supposed to bring joy. So why are parents so unhappy?
by Robin W. Simon, from Contexts

Fish or FoulThe life-and-death quest for ethical seafood
by Taras Grescoe, from the book Bottomfeeder

Special Online Project: Sustainable Seafood

Your Brain Is a PharmacyThe placebo effect yields real neurological results
by Julie Hanus

The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen in KabulIn an Afghan orphanage, something astonishing is happening
story and photos by Aaron Huey, from Shambhala Sun


Now That’s Reality TVA Chinese American family dreams of a Family Feudby Leslie Bow, from the Michigan Quarterly Review

Traveling Souls
Life in a refugee camp, where hearts wander as minds deteriorate
by Abebe Feyissa with Rebecca Horn, from Boston College magazine

The Riddle in the Front RowPugnacious, pimply, intentionally offensive–why won’t the smartest student try to fit in?
by M. Garrett Bauman, from the Chronicle of Higher Education

The Purloined LibrarySometimes, crime really does pay
by Denise Herrera, from the Sun


Editor’s Note: Eco-Neurosis
Shelf Life: The Kids in the Newsroom
Heartland: Hope Comes of Age

In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.