Table of Contents: January-February 2005

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January-February 2005

Utne Independent Press Awards–The Winners
Our 16th annual roster of the best periodicals of the year

Economic Hit Man
Not all assassins are armed with a gun. Some prefer a calculator.
by Leif Utne 

Saddam Hussein, Romance Novelist
Welcome to the weird world of dictator literature
by Jo Tatchell, from Prospect

Take Your Time

Take Your Time
Why our busy nation needs to chill out
by Anjula Razdan 

Release Your Inner Hedonist
How to tell if you need a “hedonistic intervention”

by Michael Flocker, from The Hedonism Handbook

A Hut of One’s Own
The ancient tradition of finding sanctuary in small places
by Jon Spayde 

The Natural Sabbatical
Let Mercury guide you to better breaks in 2005
by Pythia Peay, from Mercury Retrograde

The Fog of Peace
Will travelers in Vietnam find forgiveness, or a desire to forget?
by Laurel Wamsley, from Common Dreams

Fallen Leaves, Broken Lives
Thirty years later, Agent Orange still wages war
by Edward Tick 

Casualties of War
The costs in Southeast Asia are still being tallied
compiled by Edward Tick 

Up from Underground
Comic book artists to watch out for
by Chris Dodge 

The Wild Within
The body is a divine vessel, channeling the essence of the universe
by John Tallmadge, from The Cincinnati Arch

Top 10 Censored Stories of 2004
News the mainstream press deemed unfit to print
by Harry Sheff, from Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Stories

Election 2004: The Good News
“Progressives are more organized and numerous than they have been since the 1960s”
by Leif Utne 

Dying for Lobster
In the search for “red gold,” divers pay the ultimate price
by Paul Demko 

Hang Up and Listen
With watchdog groups asleep at the wheel, cell phone towers wreak havoc
by Anne Geske 

Microsized Surveillance
How radio signals can be used to track your every move
by Joseph Hart 

Love Doctors
Scientists study the value of selflessness
by Kristin Ohlson 

The Karma Economy
On the web, a user’s reputation is priceless
by Brendan Themes 

Technoskeptic Techie
A scientist thinks digital culture is damaging us at a deep level
by Joseph Hart 

Focus: Health & Wellness
What Doctors Should Know
Western medicine needs to rediscover the body’s ability to heal
by Andrew Weil, M.D., from Ecological Medicine

The “No-Diet” Diet
The key to losing weight may be to shed your normal routine
by Katherine Davis, from New Scientist

Web of Life
Environmental health is up to the people. Here’s how to start.
by Lisa Rogers 

We’ve Got You Covered
Ithaca’s co-op medical plan softens the blow for the uninsured
by Jennifer Vogel, from Orion

Songs from the Black Chair
True tales from the mental health ward of a homeless shelter
by Charles Barber, from Bellevue Literary Review

Jumbo Jocks
What happens when athletes get bigger and bigger and . . .
by Chad Harbach, from n+1

Just Lagom
Translating the untranslatable
by Sara Forsstrom, from

Not Depressed, Just British!
A new take on mental health
from Living Lightly

Romantic Moment
A poem about nature’s many mating dances
by Tony Hoagland, from Speakeasy

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