Table of Contents: January-February 2014

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January-February 2014 Table of Contents 

Water Woes

Deserted Winter
How much longer can we count on snow? by Greg Hanscom, from High Country News

Great American Water Crisis
The biggest threat to our water system may be privatization, by Maude Barlow and Wenonah Hauter, excerpted from Sojourners

Water Works
Communities imagine ways to make every drop count, by Cynthia Barnett, from Orion

Hidden Homelessness

The Weeklies
Foreclosed and financially stranded at the Ramada Inn by Monica Potts, from The American Prospect

Poverty Comes to Wisteria Lane
The suburbs are home to 3 million more impoverished residents than big cities, by Meghan Murphy-Gill from U.S. Catholic

Emerging Ideas   

Last Days  of the Synergy Strike Force
The Pentagon’s Merry Pranksters by Brian Calvert, from Pacific Standard

Mystery of the Three Scary Numbers
Using simple math to teach students the impact of climate change by Bill Bigelow, from Rethinking Schools


Detroit, 1966
The Beatles, stamps, and the promise of escape by Lynda Schuster, from Granta

Truth & Chocolate
It was a great day—until snack time by Andy Hinds, from Mamalode

Mindful Living 

Mind Over Misery
Helping people reason their way through anxiety and depression by Robert L. Strauss, from Stanford

The Solo Uniform
Finding great pleasure in the absence of choice by Stacey May Fowles, from Worn Fashion Journal

Mixed Media 

Heart of Snarkness
Media empires like Vice and celebrities like Anthony Bourdain are reporting from the world’s most misunderstood countries. Is this just repackaged sensationalism? by Christopher Szabla, from Maisonneuve

Jyoti: Optimus Prime
Jazz, Alice coltrane, and pushing through fear by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, from Rookie

Acquiring Empathy Through Essays

Essays give us a record of someone else’s consciousness by William Bradley, special to Utne Reader


Separating the Man from the Music: a review of Wagner & Me

Threaded with Harmony: a review of Held in Splendor by Quilt

Dirty and Endearing: a review of Hell Bent by Potty Mouth

The Border Crossed Us: a review of Undoing Border Imperialism by Harsha Walia
The Thought Provoker: a review of White Girls by Hilton Als
Less Than Meets the Eye: a review of The Myth of Liberal Ascendancy by G. William Domhoff

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams 

by Eric Utne

Dispatches from: 
Ethical Consumer (Finally, a Fair Trade Phone)
Mother Jones (The DIY Internet)
California (The Original Kayak)
Conservation (Green Building and the Ancient Romans) 

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