Table of Contents: November-December 2012

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November/December 2012 Table of Contents

2012 Utne Visionaries

The Future of Food

Nance Klehm, radical ecologist

John Edel, vertical farming pioneer

Michel Nischan, food justice advocate

The Spirit of Occupy

Anonymous, hacktivist collective

David Graeber, global justice activist

Steve DeCaprio, squatters’ rights activist

Community Works

No Papers No Fear, immigrant rights activists

Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, grassroots educator

Marcin Jakubowski, open source inventor

The Art of Resistance

Middle East Children’s Alliance, human rights activists

David Wish, music education innovator

Mahir Saul, debunker of African stereotypes

Want more visionary inspiration? Check out our 2012 Utne Visionary page for online extras, including full interview transcripts, videos, and links to read more.  

Confronting Climate Change

Time to Get Crazy
We might be doomed by climate change, but we should fight anyway by Chris Hedges, fromTruthDig

This Crisis Needs A Movement
Using people power to combat the new climate change by Bill McKibben, from Solutions Journal

The Power of Nature
A vision of the future where we live as one with the earth by Gitte Larsen, Søren Steen Olsen, and Steen Svendsen, from ISSUES

Gardening Beyond Reason
The simple act of getting your hands dirty by Darren Fleet, from Adbusters

Online Only: The Man-Made World of 2112
Realizing our collective and technological potential by Søren Steen Olsen and Steen Scendsen, from ISSUES

Dissent in Uniform

Revolt in the Ranks
Dissent in the armed forces is a patriotic tradition
by Chris Bray, American Conservative

Orders, torture, and the truth
by Eric Fair, from Ploughshares

Military Resistance: A Strong Brew
Anti-war veterans serve up support and lattes to their friends in uniform by Dean Patton, from Yes!

Emerging Ideas

Taking Tourism in Stride
Threatened by a tsunami of Twilight fans, a tribe opens up by Bryn Nelson, from High Country News

The Science of Pollen
Solving crime with a study of scattered dust by Richard Conniff, from Environment Yale

Tall Wood
Sustainable skyscrapers may harken back to log cabin era
by Sarah DeWeerdt, from Conservation


My Welfare Mom, Our Food Stamps, & Why I’m a Marginal Jew
A lifelong struggle to feel at home by Andrea Kott, from Lilith

Foul Mouth
An anti-dentite rant about teeth, jealous love, and sweet revenge by Pasha Malla, from Maisonneuve

The Things They Googled
An ode to the search engine that can answer almost anything by Marion Winik, from The Sun

Mindful Living

The Heretic
For one LSD researcher, the promise of mind-blowing revelations was too tempting by Tim Doody, from The Morning News

Foodie Fundamentalism
The food movement’s surprisingly religious roots by Dana Logan, from Religion & Politics

Mixed Media

Trying to Build a Bridge with Music
One singer-songwriter’s experience as a cultural ambassador to Afghanistan by Peyton Tochterman, special to Utne Reader

My Favorite Contemporary Zines
The editor of The Lowbrow Reader offers up a shortlist of great reads by Jay Ruttenberg

A Seed of Doubt: a review of Bitter Seeds
Occupation on Trial: a review of The Law in These Parts
Words of Inspiration: a review of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
Reporting At All Costs: a review of Reportero

A Voice Like Thunder and Words Like Rain: a review of The Salesman and the Shark by Sean Rowe
Familiar Progress: a review of Bend Beyond by Woods
Tying Up Loose Ends: a review of Unfinished Business by Wanda Jackson
Just Keep Moving: a review of As Above So Below by Azure Ray
Small Dark Corners: a review of Transcendental Youth by Mountain Goats

Take It Easy, But Take It: a review of In His Own Words by Pete Seeger
The American Nile: a review of River Notes by Wade Davis
Hanging Around in the Lost and Found: a review of White Elephants by Katie Haegele
Reprinting a Love Story: a review of America’s Other Audubon by Joy M. Kiser

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams

by Eric Utne

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