Winter 2014 Utne Reader Table of Contents

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Table of Contents: Winter 2014

It’s Still a Man’s World

Inside Ghana’s Witch Camps
When Ghanian women draw the ire of men, they risk ending up ostracized from their community by Francis Npong with additional reporting by Emily Rems, excerpted from Bust Magazine

The Silent Scourge
As Jordanian women leave the home and enter public life, sexual harassment has reached unprecedented levels of social acceptability by Elizabeth Whitman, from The Nation

Gender-Based Violence in United States Lacks a Constitutional Remedy
Jurisprudence demonstrates dire need for Equal Rights Amendment by Jessica Neuwirth, excerpted from Equal Means Equal

H2 Whoa

Experimental Road
When the beauty above hides the dangers lurking below by Mary Heather Noble, from Fourth Genre

How Dry I Am
Water is the most important resource on earth. So why don’t reporters cover it? by Kate Galbraith, from Columbia Journalism Review

Consumer Children

Targeting Children
Scrutinizing the motives behind Target’s Library Makeover Program by Rachel Cloues, from Rethinking Schools

The Satori Generation
A new breed of young people have outdone the tricksters of advertising by Roland Kelts, from Adbusters

Emerging Ideas

What, Me Worry?
Why you should stop sweating everyday aggravations and embrace stress by Kristin Sainani, from Stanford

The Future of Food
Reckless chicken, a brave new smoothie, and test-tube meat by Tom King, special to Utne Reader


An Arrangement of Skin
How the act of looking can help beat back the seductive lethargy of death by Anna Journey, from Agni

Finalists for the 2014 Utne Poetry Contest
Readers are invited to select their favorite in online poll

“Life Inside the Oil Boom”
An excerpt from Utne Digital

Mindful Living

Climate Change: The Bigger Picture
A challenge to our obsession with climate change at the expense of all other values by Charles Eisenstein, from Resurgence & Ecologist

Mixed Media

The Zen Master of the Social Network
A closer look at the mystifying correspondence art by Tim Keane,special toUtne Reader

What Brings You Here?
A caretaker’s view of the William S. Burroughs centenary in Lawrence, Kansas by Tom King, special to Utne Reader


Inside the Mind of a Master: a review of Eraserhead (Criterion Collection release)
An Unlikely Freedom Fighter: a review of Point and Shoot

Church Music That Will Move the Unbeliever: a review of Get In Union by Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers
Music for Dance: a review of Atomos by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
Lost and Found: a review of Tche Belew by Hailu Mergia & the Walias
He’s Still Got It: Jaiyede Afro by Orlando Julius and the Heliocentrics

Whatever Happened to Bobbie Gentry: a review of Ode to Billie Joe by Tara Murtha
The Illustrated Cosmos: a review of Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time by Michael Benson
Real-Time with History’s Critics: a review of Insurrections of the Mind edited by Franklin Foer
Capitalism and Climate Change: a review of This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein
That Which Must Be Spoken: a review of Unspeakable Things by Laurie Penny

Editor’s Note
by Christian Williams 

by Eric Utne

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