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    Winter 2015 Utne Reader Table of Contents

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    Table of Contents: Winter 2015

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    Edible Education


    Dirty, Authentic … Delicious!
    Yelp, Mexican restaurants, and the appetites of Philadelphia’s middle class
    by Dylan Gottlieb, from Gastronomica

    Oedipus complex is best served well-done
    by Robert Anthony Siegel, from Tin House

    Microeconomics and McDonald’s
    You can learn a surprising amount from the price of a Big Mac, fries, and a coke
    by Robert Dorgan, from Fishwrap

    The Future of Work

    We’re Watching You Work
    How workplace surveillance has become a menace to health and safety
    by Jessica Bruder, from The Nation

    Why You Should Join Our Startup
    Beards, beer, and lots of bean bags
    by Ryan Abbot, from The Syrup Trap

    To Uber or Not to Uber
    An Uber/Lyft driver learns there’s nothing easy about easy money
    by Kelly Dessaint, from Behind the Wheel 2

    Bakken Boom

    The Making of a Rich Man
    How to cash in on a boomtown before it busts
    by Melanie Hoffert, from Orion

    Lost Frontier
    The Badlands’ most ardent defender wonders if it’s time to leave
    by Sierra Crane-Murdoch, from High Country News

    Emerging Ideas


    A Hard Look at How We See Race
    Jennifer Eberhardt’s research shows subconscious connections in people’s minds between black faces and crime; law enforcement is taking note
    by Sam Scott, from Standford Magazine

    Home Sick
    Family living near toxic gas compressor abandons house amid health concerns
    by Jessica Cohen, special to Utne Reader

    Microbial Me
    Scientists are discovering how microbes not only make us sick but also keep our bodies working
    by Lydialyle Gibson, fromUniversity of Chicago Magazine



    International Type of Guy
    Experimenting with new ways of speaking to one another
    by Joseph Skibell, from My Father’s Guitar

    Mindful Living

    Appreciating Indigenous Ways of Knowing
    It’s time we reestablish our connection to a body of wisdom that values millennia of holistic experience and subjective observation
    by Leigh Ann Henion, from Phenomenal

    How to Live
    Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s simple advice for fully appreciating life
    by Thich Nhat Hanh, from his Mindfulness Essentials Series

    Mixed Media

    Nine Variations on the Idea of Street Music
    If no one is really listening, who is the performance for?
    by W. Scott Olsen, from North Dakota Quarterly

    Want Smarter Students? Stop Teaching Math
    A mathematician argues that we need to represent math as it once was: an art
    by Michael S. Laufer, Ph.D., special to Utne Reader

    Editor’s Note
    by Christian Williams 

    by Eric Utne

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    Published on Dec 14, 2015


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