Quitter #7

By Trace Ramsey, from All I Want To Do Is Live

Part one of the chapbook Quitter #7.

Watch New Fleet Foxes Video, “Fool’s Errand”

By Utne Reader staff

Listen to and watch the music video for “Fool’s Errand” from the upcoming Fleet Foxes album, Crack-Up.

Visions of the Future

By Morrigan Phillips

Can the genre of visionary fiction be a conduit for organizing and radically re-envisioning a just future?

Easy is the New Difficult

By Kenneth Goldsmith

I want an art where the philosophical questions posed in the work are answered in the experience of the art itself.


Earth to Space

By Fred A. Bernstein, from Landscape Architecture Magazine

Charles Jencks is on the line, from his slightly crazy Crawick Multiverse in Scotland.

Brothers Reunite in Song

By Utne staff

Two brothers from Georgia reunite through song.

Stories That Blur the Line Between Fact and Fiction

By Adam Tipps Weinstein

Adam Tipps Weinstein debuts a collection of essays — clever plays on language, histories, facts, and fictions — that are sure to leave readers guessing at the truth behind the writing.

Carnivals and Crucifixions

By Tim Keane

For 70 years, June Leaf has been creating mixed-media paintings, drawings and sculptures that are philosophically charged, spellbindingly detailed and preternaturally moving.

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