New on Utne Reader: August 2019 #1

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The Intersection of Bicycling and Social Justice, from Bicycle/Race:Transportation, Culture, & Resistance by Adonia Lugo PhD

Salmon or Swimming Lakes: The Politics of Dam Removal, from Same River Twice by Peter Brewitt

Burning Man is Pointless, from The Scene that Became Cities: What Burning Man Can Teach Us About Building Better Communities by Caveat Magister

The Ballad of Laura Nelson by Yolanda Wisher, Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice, edited by Ron Riekki and Andrea Scarpino

Reconsidering the Dearth of American Wool, from Raw Material: Working Wool in the West by Stephany Wilkes

Militia Tensions Still Linger After Malheur Takeover, from Sagebrush Collaboration: How Harney County Defeated the Takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge by Peter Walker

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