Utne Reader Music Sampler November 2009

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Utne Reader Music Sampler November 2009

Every month, Utne Reader presents free, downloadable music gleaned from current releases on independent labels, curated by senior editor Keith Goetzman.

The tracks for the November 2009 sampler are no longer available.Please visit the latest sampler for more tracks! www.utne.com/sampler

Rickie Lee Jones
There’s less of the jazzy boho and more of the soulful, sky-gazing wanderer in Rickie Lee Jones on Balm in Gilead (Fantasy). Look for a review in the January-February Utne Reader.

Comfusoes 1

Put on your headphones, literal or metaphorical, and groove to ’70s Angolan pop remixed and reimagined by contemporary Brazilian DJs on Comfusoes 1 (Out Here). The original version of this track, “Kapakiao,” is by Bonga on the album Kaxexe. Read the review of Comfusoes 1 in the November-December Utne Reader.

Elliott Brood

“Concept album” is too highfalutin a term for Mountain Meadows, the bracing folk-rock album by Canadian band Elliott Brood–but yes, there’s a storyline behind this raw, vital music. Read the review in the November-December Utne Reader.

Taken by Trees

When a Swedish pop songstress makes an album with a bunch of Pakistani musicians, as Victoria Bergsman did for East of Eden (Rough Trade), a rare sort of cross-cultural magic happens. Read the review in the November-December Utne Reader.

Curtis Harvey

Harvey is a rock and roll refugee who’s found a home in acoustic folk with a throwback feel on Box of Stones (Fat Cat).

Caroline Herring

Herring’s songs on Golden Apples of the Sun (Signature Sounds) are spare but powerful singer-songwriter gems, full of rich and evocative imagery. In “The Dozens” she turns an insult into artistry.

Tsuumi Sound System
There’s a little classical, a little folk, and even a little prog rock in the exuberant neotraditional string music of Finland’s Tsuumi Sound System. “Northling” is from their album Growing Up (Sibelius Academy/Folk Music Department Recordings), which has been released in Europe but not yet in the U.S.

El Perro Del Mar
The travails of Sarah Assbring’s heart would be tragic if they didn’t result in such dreamy
electro-pop on Love Is Not Pop (Sonic Boom).

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