'A New Way for Writers Not to Make Money'

Publishing books is easy, says writer Stona Fitch. Making them profitable is not. But Fitch had a solution to this common conundrum in mind when he started his own publishing house: Give books away for free.

It may sound crazy, but there’s an inspiring method to Fitch’s financial madness. “The idea was to produce beautiful, interesting new books and give them away,” Fitch told the Independent, “then ask people to give money to charity instead of paying for them.”

And so the Concord Free Press was born. They’ve published one book so far, Fitch’s novel, Give and Take, and according to their website, it’s generated $30,000 in charitable donations (many of which are individually listed on the site).

(Thanks, Book Ninja.)

Sources: The Independent, Concord Free Press, Book Ninja

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