A Cynical, Not Jaded, Eulogy to Frank McCourt

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Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of the book Angela’s Ashes, was Daniel Radosh’s high school English teacher. After McCourt died last week, Radosh–himself an author of the book Rapture Ready–wrote a funny and beautiful eulogy to his former teacher on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Beyond the practical lessons I learned in Frank McCourt’s class, I’ll always remember him as a model for how to be cynical without being jaded and sarcastic without being inhumane. I’m pretty sure he did not believe in God or an afterlife, but he had to believe that there is an immortality in living so that your words and actions transform the world around you in ways that will continue to reverberate forever. No one with so much life in him can ever truly die. And if there were an afterlife, I can guarantee you that somewhere right now, Frank McCourt would be mightily pissed off that he’s not around for what’s sure to be a hell of a wake.

Radosh was kind enough to sit down with Utne Reader last year to talk about Christian rock music that doesn’t suck.

(Thanks, Coudal.)


Image by David Shankbone, licensed under Creative Commons.

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