Directing People Toward Women Directors

By Staff
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A weekly email newsletter called The First Weekenders Group is rallying “as many people as possible to buy tickets for the opening weekend of films by women directors,” according to an article in the Fall issue of Ms. Magazine (article not available online). Subscribers receive updates on upcoming films by women including where and when the films are released. The e-newsletter is published by, “an informal group” aimed at increasing the number of women working in film and other media by exposing their work to a wide audience. 

Director Allison Anders writes on the site:

Box office is one of the strongest tools we have toward preserving our ability to make our movies. We really can make a difference by purchasing a ticket each opening weekend to a movie made by a woman, even if you don’t like the movie or the filmmaker and even if you don’t see the film. By doing this you increase the chances of greater diversity on the movie screens across the country which is good for all of us.

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Jason Ericson

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