(Almost) Escaping the Ubiquity of McDonald’s

South Dakota can no longer boast being the McFarthest Spotthe location in the lower-48 most removed from a McDonald’s. Stephen Von Worley ofData Pointeddiscovered that due to the closure of a McDonald’s restaurant a desolate patch of Nevada desert is now the farthest one could possibly get from a McDonald’s in the contiguous United States (115 miles away, as the crow flies). Von Worley gushed after he posted a satellite photo of the spot online:

From the air, it looks fairly nondescript, but certainly, vegan treasures must lie hidden beneath the shrubs. Soon, I’ll dispatch an expeditionary team to exploit them, and by September’s end, barring an early snow, all shall be revealed!

Turns out the “expeditionary team” consisted only of Von Worley, who drove as far as he could into the Nevada wilderness, unloaded his mountain bike, and rode the remaining distance to the holy ground.

And what did Von Worley do when he got there? He consumed the 5,000-calorie, $31.50 meal that he had purchased at a McDonald’s in Burney, California on the drive down, consisting of “two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, three Large Fries, two Apple Pies, a Hamburger, Big Mac, 10-Piece McNuggets, Large Coke, Medium Orange Juice, and a Caesar Salad.”

See? There is no escape.

Source: Data Pointed

Image courtesy of Stephen Von Worley.

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