In Quotes: 'I Am A Prince and A Pirate'

Thanks to the always profound Mexico City-based blog Toxico for this lovely Henry Miller quote:

I give all I have to give, voluntarily, and take as much as I can possibly ingest. I am a prince and a pirate at the same time. I find that there is plenty of room in the world for everybody-great interspatial depths, great ego universes, great islands of repair, for whoever attains to individuality. On the surface, where the historical battles rage, where everything is interpreted in terms of money and power, there may be crowding, but life only begins when one drops below the surface.

Toxico is much more than a blog–it’s a Mexico City-based cultural project that organizes lectures, classes, and exhibitions. “Creativity is not a luxury,” one member writes on the organization’s website. “It is indispensable.”

Source: Toxico

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