Penny for an Etude?

By Staff
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What could be harder than taking your guitar or sax out on the street and trying to get people to listen?<br id=”rw.d0″>
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Writing in <span id=”pzk50″>
<i id=”lo340″>Miami New Times,</i>
</span> Arielle Castillo <a id=”xth4″ title=”offers” href=”” target=”_blank”>offers</a> one fairly persuasive answer: doing the same thing with an upright piano.</p>
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<a id=”gwkh” title=”Steve Thorngate” href=”” target=”_self”>
<i id=”zx49″>Steve Thorngate</i>
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<i id=”fn8l”>Image by</i>
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<a id=”eci3″ title=”Jean-Etienne Poirrier” href=”″ target=”_blank”>
<i id=”lo341″>Jean-Etienne Poirrier</i>
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<i id=”lo342″>,</i>
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<font id=”n1.n” color=”#810081″>Creative Commons</font>
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