10 Ways to Make Your Life More Natural

<p>1. Bring in clippings of wildflowers, plants, and tree twigs
from roadsides or vacant lots and arrange them in a vase as you
would commercial flowers. They’re just as lovely, and no chemicals
or wasteful amounts of energy go into them.</p>
<p>2. After sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper, make a
morning ritual of carrying the grinds and shredded paper out to
your compost pile.</p>
<p>3. Once a week, spread out a blanket and picnic. If it’s winter,
picnic in your living room. Eating on the floor or lawn is fun and
brings you closer to the earth.</p>
<p>4. Buy your lettuce by the head, not prewashed and packaged.
Although it takes longer, washing and shredding lettuce by hand is
a sensuous ritual that connects you to your food.</p>
<p>5. Hang your blankets out the window every morning to air them
out. They will feel fluffier and smell fresh.</p>
<p>6. Make your yard or garden a habitat for small mammals, birds,
butterflies, and insects. Plant berry bushes such as hawthorn or
elderberry, and flowers like purple coneflower, sunflower, or
milkweed. Rather than throwing out unwanted brush, pile it in the
back corner so that small creatures can make it home.</p>
<p>7. Don’t like your vinyl siding? Plant a native
flowering vine like Virginia creeper near the side of your house.
This quick-growing climber from the grape family turns a brilliant
red in autumn and produces berries that attract singing
birds.<br />
<br />
<p>8. Bake your own bread every now and then — without the bread
machine. Kneading dough can be a calming, meditative experience.
And nothing beats the satisfaction of eating a hot slice of
buttered bread that you made with your own hands.</p>
<p>9. Get crafty. Bring driftwood back from the beach and hang it
on your walls. A twisty piece can be made into a coat hanger, a
lamp, or a garden ornament.</p>
<p>10. Light beeswax candles — a simple but satisfying luxury.</p>

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