Apocalypse How?

Prophet: Hopi leaders
When: Imminent
What shall come to pass: Leader Thomas Banyacya told the United
Nations in December 1992 that human beings can choose to live out
of balance with nature and spirit and reap chaos and destruction,
or choose harmony and have paradise.

Prophet: Mayan artifacts
When: 2012
What shall come to pass: As the Mayan calendar ticks off its final
winter solstice in 2012, many believe the world of humans will end
in catastrophe.

Prophet: Ohky Simine Forest
When: 2013
What shall come to pass: Forest believes that Mongolian prophecies
predict that after the 2012 Mayan endtime, humankind will leave the
Era of Man for the egalitarian Era of Woman.

Prophet: Extraterrestrial life forms who communicate
through Sanctus Germanus, a foundation with study groups in five

When: Now to 2012
What shall come to pass: Because of destruction wrought by humans,
planet Earth has called for a photon belt to pass over us-standard
distress protocol for planets. As we intersect the belt, humankind
will advance to a higher level of consciousness. If we are negative
and selfish, we will not survive the electromagnetic radiation.

Prophet: The Reverend Phillip ‘Flip’

When: Now
What shall come to pass: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were God’s
wrath against ‘legalized child sacrifice’ and ‘homosexual sodomy.’
Repent, or ‘blood will fill the streets.’

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