The Crockpot: A Weekly Digest 11-19-2010

By Staff
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Every week we share links to stories, articles, and other interesting things we’ve come across online for you to enjoy over the weekend. It’s the crockpot; we add the ingredients for a great online meal.Enjoy!

Want to get away? Far away? Feel like disappearing for a time, even if only vicariously? Hermitary is a one-stop resource for your inner hermit. One of the most consistently wondrous sites on the internet.

You can also escape by checking out issue three of Porter Fox’s travel mag Nowhere.

Ernie Button takes cool photos of breakfast cereal. His project is called Cerealism, and Cheerios and Lucky Charms have never looked so beautiful.

Over at The Oxford American, Kevin Brockmeier presents his personal selection of Ten Great Novels of the Apocalypse. Is there anything one might conclude from Brockmeier’s list? Yes: the end of the world is not likely to be pleasant.

Europeans were thrilled when we elected Barack Obama. Now they’re just confused.

Jen Jackson considers her well-kept trailer home in Moab, Utah, a “27-foot bit of silver-plated paradise”–but it’s made her an outlaw.

If government spending is a pie, the military is very, very hungry.

GOOD asks, is it possible that the new TSA security procedures are a bigger deal online than they are in real life?

Obsidian Wingsanalyzes George W. Bush’s official portrait, concluding that W’s break from tradition suggests that “he wants to present himself is as a faux President.”

As the U.S. ends its combat mission in Iraq, it builds up its construction projects in the region. Nick Turse, writing for Guernica, explains why President Obama’s “end of our combat mission” announcement could be another “mission accomplished” moment.

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