Campaigning for a Living Wage

Campaigning for a Living Wage,Web site review by Rebecca Wienbar
When people who are willing and able to work full-time are living below the poverty line, it’s time for change. In Chatham County, Georgia, that’s exactly what The Green Party of Chatham County, the A. Philip Randolph Institute, local labor unions, religious organizations, and others are teaming up to do. The Savannah/Chatham Campaign for the Living Wage will hold a community rally on July 25, the same day of the Georgia State Senate Hearings on a Statewide Living Wage. The Living Wage is based upon two principles: 1) Adults who work full-time must be able to support their families above the U.S. Government-defined poverty level; 2) Employers who receive public funds must be required to pay workers a living wage.
–Rebecca Wienbar
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