Election Roundup

The mainstream press is reporting that things went better than
expected at the polls, even though some places had too many lawyers
and not enough ballots. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation
found that
in a half-dozen states who cast their votes on E-voting machines
experienced technical difficulties
. You might also want to
check out
Politics: Technology’s Tidal Wave
,’ where the author concludes
that technology was the only clear winner on November 2.

Those still interested in crunching the numbers, will want to

Pro-Choice Victors Notable But Scarce
‘ and look at the San
Francisco Chronicle
‘s story on

youth turnout, or the lack thereof

Slate explains why they think Bush won in
Simple but
‘ and at
beyondvoting.org you can
learn what progressives are supposed to do about it; and it doesn’t
include moving to Canada.

In fact, if you’re going to move someplace, you might want to
consider Montana, where
voters just approved a
medicinal marijuana initiative

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