Electronic Intifada Live from Palestine

The Electronic Intifada: Live from Palestine, Web site review by Sara Buckwitz
Have you been dissatisfied with the coverage of the Middle-Eastern crisis? Here’s a site that offers views and stories you won’t find in the mainstream press. The site calls itself “A resource for countering myth, distortion, and spin from the Israeli media war machine.” The Electronic Intifada does not purport to be unbiased, however it does provide a service like the IndyMedia centers around the world. It allows individuals living in the area access to a form of media that the international community can read. Updated multiple times daily, the site includes stories from locals about the solidarity movement and from journalists from the Palestinian Monitor who give news updates on the region. Against an intense emotional backdrop, many stories attack the Israelis for the conditions of the Palestinian occupation. In “Crimes Without Proof,” Susan Brannon writes: “Cries and pleas rings loud and clear from the Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank town of Jenin…. Without electricity the food rots, without electricity cell phones die and communication is lost with the rest of the world.”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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