Fabio Gets His Walking Papers

Fabio Gets His Walking Papers, Karen
Marsh, The Washington Monthly
Harlequin Publishing struggles to attract sophisticated readers as
the days of bodice ripping and tender alpha males give way to
career positioning and sassy single women. To meet the demand,
writes freelancer Karen Marsh in The Washington
Harlequin launched the Red Dress line of books
that mentions Harlequin nowhere in the book. Marsh writes that
Harlequin hopes to find a modern version of the old formula that
continues to sell millions of copies world wide, but marketed to an
audience that will spend $12.95 per book instead of $4 to $6. It’s
a tough sell, Marsh writes, ‘because it requires finding an elusive
yet fairly universal formula for female happiness in a
post-feminist era—one that most women haven’t entirely figured
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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