Four Years of Living (Very) Dangerously

Four Years of Living (Very) Dangerously,
Alex Zaitchik, FreezerBox
Anthony Loyd was a naive British journalist back in 1992 when he
walked into the middle of the war in Sarajevo. He originally
planned to stay for six weeks, but found the rush of war so
mesmerizing that he stayed for four years, eventually becoming a
war correspondent for the British press. According to
Freezerbox book critic Alex Zaitchik, Loyd’s
unforgettable memoir, My War Gone By: I Miss It So, is a
brutal account of war and its horrors. According to Zaitchik,
‘[Loyd’s] pen draws blood and ghosts from every other page. [He
shows the reader] suffering and mortal fear of such intensity and
on such a scale as to keep you awake and ashamed of what can only
be called a thoughtless and unfeeling existence in the peaceful,
affluent west.’ — LUGo there>>

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