Green Energy

Green Energy,reviewed by Julie Madsen
The prevalence of green energy once may have been merely a dream of rugged nature zealots, but it is successfully making its way into places that were previously considered last frontiers: city skyscrapers, suburban homes, and businesses As these innovations prove, green energy is becoming a serious alternative–and solution–to our current polluting and dwindling energy resources. If you’re unfamiliar with the workings of green energy or just would like to know where it’s being used, where it’s headed, and how to make it part of your life, click on the links below.
–Julie Madsen

• Take a tour of the Four Mile Island Solar Home to learn how solar power can run a typical household.
Find out here how urban planners are using green energy to clean up cities.
• Visit, whose mission “is to promote community-based renewable energy projects internationally to generate social and environmental progress.”
• And get active–make green energy a personal and national priority with Energy Smart.
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