How Bush Won The 2004 Presidential Election

‘Purging voter lists is just the beginning: the U.S. has
embraced a form of electronic voting that is unreliable,
unverifiable and funded by the radical Christian right,’ writes
Toronto-based journalist Sandeep S. Atwal, on his weblog Atwal is just one of a growing chorus
of voices charging that the move to electronic touch-screen voting
machines is a bad idea. ‘Voting machines are just as subject to
program bugs as other computers, and very tempting for computer
hackers,’ warns David Dill, a Stanford computer scientist and
founder of, who is leading a campaign
to fight the spread of touch screen voting machines across the
country. Just three companies make the machines that will report
most of the 2004 election results — Diebold, Sequoia, and
ES&S, the latter of which is owned in part by Sen.

Chuck Hagel
(R-Nebraska). Many irregularities have already been
reported in states that used touch screens in 2002. ‘If [the
critics’] charges are true, and there is little evidence to
contradict their claims,’ says Atwal, ‘George W. Bush has already
won the 2004 election.’
Leif Utne

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George W. Bush Won The 2004 Presidential Election

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