In Praise of Urban Life: Fl’neur

In Praise of Urban Life: Flâneur,
The city-dwelling folk at want to share their love of the city with the rest of us. Publishing quarterly, this website celebrates the sacred elements of a walk. “What’s a flâneur? Webster defines it simply as ‘an idle man-about-town,’ one of those fin de siècle dandies who ambled through the crowds of European cities in search of bustle, gossip, and beauty.” In the Flanifesto we learn that, “Flâneur seeks to scrutinize the city, to evoke the essence of the street. And to encourage flaneurial behavior, whether detached observation or decadent gadding about.” It’s not just a matter of loafing about, so much as it is a way of observing the world around us. — Sara V. Buckwitz
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