Industry Milks Biggs

Industry Milks Biggs, Josh Indar, Chico News and Review
Got Milk? In addition to being the question asked by the milk industry’s long-running advertising campaign, ‘Got Milk?’ may now become the name of a small California town. When a California milk promotional board sent letters enclosed in milk cartons to 20 towns asking them to consider changing their names to ‘Got Milk?’, Biggs, California, was the only one to respond. “I thought it was kind of funny” said Biggs mayor Sharleta Callaway upon first receiving the letter, but her amusement soon turned to aggravation once the media got hold of the story. Even before the proposed name change made its way to City Council, Callaway was overwhelmed with requests for news interviews, citizen complaints, and angry e-mails from activist groups. Though it seems doubtful that Biggs will now change its name, the stunt has already garnered huge amounts of free publicity for the milk board, through articles featuring the story in newspapers around the country.
–Erica Sagrans
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Halfway, Oregonchanged its name to in exchange for 20 computers, a prize for the county fair, and funds for civic improvement from the Web site.
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