Lesbian Monkeys

After long observing the sexual behavior of Japanese macaques,
Dr. Paul Vasey from the University of Lethbridge, Canada has
decided that a lot of these female monkeys prefer to be intimate
with other females instead of competitive chest-beating males,
reports Liesbeth de Bakker for Radio Netherlands. When the
female macaque wants to attract another female, she has a simpler
approach than physically showing up another male monkey. ?Some
females solicit each other for sex using a whole variety of
vocalizations, gestures and postures, such as hitting the ground or
lip quivering,? says Dr. Vasey. ?Between bouts of sexual activity
they stay together in a temporary but exclusive sexual relationship
called a ?consortship?.? After running several tests, Vasey decided
that this lesbian behavior is out of tune with the model for
reproductive success. And while males still compete with other
males for reproductive success, females compete with males to have
?Nick Garafola

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