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Most people aren’t designers or builders, but with articles focusing on what’s the best school environment to facilitate learning or how best to integrate affordable housing into the community, Designer/Builder touches on issues that affect almost everyone’s life.US $28/yr. (11 issues)
Orders to: Designer/builder
2405 Maclovia Ln.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Herbs for Health
More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of holistic medicine and the healing power of herbs, but don’t know how to integrate them into their lifestyle. Whatever your degree of familiarity, Herbs for Health is the place to start, covering both physical and mental health with balanced articles on medicinal herbs, culinary tips, and spiritual well-being.US $24/yr. (6 issues)
Orders to: Herbs for Health
741 Corporate Circle, Suite H
Golden, CO 80401
Or, by phone at 800-456-6018

The Permaculture Activist Permaculture Activist emphasizes the culture in permaculture, with as much a focus on creating a sustainable community as an environmentally friendly house. Articles on feng shui and conflict resolution happily coexist alongside those on land-use planning and building living structures, making the Permaculture Activist a comprehensive voice of the permaculture movement.US $19/yr. (4 issues)
Orders to: The Permaculture Activist
P.O. Box 1209W
Black Mountain, NC 28711
Or, by phone at 828-298-2812
Or, by fax at 828-298-6441

Family Therapy Networkes
www.familytherapynetwork.comThe Family Therapy Networker is a publication for mental health professionals, with sample case studies, therapy trends and techniques, and current issues facing therapists. However, the pressures of maintaining a stable and supportive family life amid the complexity and stress of modern life make this articulate and academically impeccable journal a valuable tool for any family.US$24/yr. (6 issues)
7705 13th St. NW
Washington, DC 20012
Or, order online
Or, by phone at 301-589-6536

One day, hopefully, there will not be a need for MAMM. Until breast and reproductive cancers are eradicated, though, MAMM provides an indispensable sense of community for the millions of women and their families living with cancer. It is a gathering place, but also an advocate and information source, with timely articles on current treatments, new therapies, and how to increase your quality of life.US $17.95/yr. (10 issues)
Orders to: MAMM Magazine
349 W. 12th Str.
New York, NY 10014-1769
Or, by phone at 888-901-MAMM
In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.