POV’s Borders Project

POV’s Borders is PBS Online’s Web-exclusive forum for interactive storytelling, bringing to light “the borders in our lives, both literal and metaphysical.” The 10-week series–already completed but still available in its entirety–focuses on migration, including snapshots taken of specific border locations, interactive games, and a weekly talk with an artist or academic about the idea of borders. The site uses video to follow the Luis family on their annual journey from Texas to California to secure farm work, depicting typical moments of their migration. The first episode also includes ‘Leaving Elsa,’ a project that featured the video work of three teenagers living on the US-Mexico border who document their lives in words and images. ‘Leaving Elsa’ follows Cecilia, Gilbert, and Kate as they cross the border from their hometown of Elsa, Texas, to the larger world beyond.
–Erica Sagrans

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