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Pro-Life International, Pam Squyres,
MoJo Wire
Relegated to the sidelines of international debate for decades,
right-wing religious groups are now building coalitions to lobby
against ‘anti-family’ United Nations programs. Pam Squyres of
Mother Jones reports on how this could cripple future
global policy efforts to further women’s and gay rights. While the
U.N. has been discussing women’s issues and population growth
concerns since the 70’s, religious conservatives didn’t join the
conversation until the late 90’s, previously considering the
international stage irrelevant to their goals. If George W. Bush
assumes the presidency, will these conservative efforts get the
boost they need? ‘This is an emerging dynamic and it may fade,’
says Jennifer Butler, associate director of the progressive
Presbyterian United Nations Office. ‘Or it may grow into a major
movement that we have to fight.’
–Amanda Luker
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