Progressive Secretary

Progressive Secretary, Web site review
by Erica Sagrans,
Even if the recent election made you want to hide under the covers
and never leave the house, Web sites such as provide one way to make your voice heard
right from your computer. Covering a range of progressive issues –
from militarization and globalization to women’s rights and the
environment, Progressive Secretary composes letters to politicians
that get sent to the Web site’s members to look over, and then, if
they choose to do so, e-mail the letter to their political
representatives. While Progressive Secretary notes
that sometimes e-mail can be less effective than snail mail or
phone calls, it argues that when the letters are written the right
way and sent in large quantities, e-mail can become a voice that
gets truly heard.
–Erica Sagrans

E The
aims to create citizen-centric public spaces on the
Internet, facilitating online conversations, letters to government,
and e-mail petitions.
is a resource for activist campaigns online, with a
focus on issues such as human rights, AIDS, environmentalism,
corporate responsibility, and sustainable development.

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