Project Censored

Project Censored, Matt Palmquist,
San Francisco Weekly
Alternative weeklies spend too much time and energy complaining
about news that gets censored by the mainstream press, writes Matt
Palmquist in the San Francisco Weekly. Each year many
of these left-leaning papers publish a list of 25 stories that were
‘censored’ by mainstream media, taken from Sonoma State
University’s Project Censored report. When the project began in
1976 it uncovered news that was not reported at all in mainstream
publications, but these days, the stories listed only need to be
‘underreported or undercovered’ by the mainstream press to attain
recognition. In response to this unnecessary hype, Palmquist has
initiated his own Project (Sure Wish They Were) Censored, listing
the top 10 stories whose importance have been inflated by
alternative weeklies.
–Erica Sagrans
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