Sports Fans Sell Their Heads

?I kind of like temporary tattoos and I definitely like donuts,?
quips Brittany Ojala to Darren Rovell. The
comment aims to explain why the college student decided to plaster
a Dunkin? Donuts tattoo across her forehead at a recent sporting
event. Unfortunately, Ojala is not alone in so prominently
displaying the donut chain?s logo. Many other attendees at this
year?s NCAA tournament have also chosen to be a part of the new
advertising campaign, which asks fans to don the company?s logo in
exchange for a nominal cash reward and, hopefully, a chance to be
on a sports stadium?s jumbotron screen. Rovell terms this new form
of advertising ?fan branding? and attributes its rise to the fact
that ?corporate America has maxxed out advertising space at
sporting venues,? meaning that the only viable advertising space
still available in arenas has become the fans themselves.
Amelia Bauerly

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Fans Sell Heads

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