The Fertility Question: Enough About My Sex Life, Already

The Fertility Question: Enough About My Sex
Life, Already,
Nancy Rabinowitz, Brain, Child
Television writer and producer Nancy Rabinowitz writes this amusing
personal narrative in which she pontificates about being pregnant
with twins and other people’s reactions to her. With all the recent
media coverage on fertility drugs, she is constantly defending her
pregnancy. She laments one woman she met in a restaurant who
exclaimed to Rabinowitz, ”I’m a twin! …But that was nearly forty
years ago when twins were natural.’ (As opposed to my demon spawn,
[she wonders.])’ Mainly Rabinowitz writes–in her essay in
Brain, Child, a magazine for thinking mothers–she
doesn’t like people prying into her personal life. And, ‘The bottom
line is, however they got there, these are our babies-not an excuse
for some stranger to pry into the most intimate details of our
private life.’
— Sara V. Buckwitz
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