User Not Found: When Online Friends Die

Nearly everyone has endured the loss of a friend or loved one.
But increasingly, as we spend more of our lives in online
communities, many people are faced with the death of real friends
who they?ve never met in person. How do you grieve for someone
you?ve only known as a name on a computer screen? How is the death
of an online friend similar to or different from the death of a
?real life? friend? Enter User Not Found, a thoughtful
Weblog devoted to exploring these issues. Dana J. Robinson, who
started the blog in January, knows a lot about such loss. She works
as the community manager of an online forum for chronically ill
children, which ?loses members almost daily.? Recent posts include:
?The ways communities remember,? ?Hoaxes aren?t a joking matter,?
and ?The bittersweet reasons I do what I do.? The site caught my
eye because in the last year our own online community, Caf? Utne,
suddenly lost two beloved longtime members, Charlie Ryan and Morag
Othen. The outpouring of love, grief, and mutual support among
members of the Cafe after these two untimely deaths was a marvel to
behold. Check out the special forums we created in their memories
at the links below.

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