Why I Love My ‘School’

Why I Love My ‘School,’ Greg King,
Homeschooling, or ‘unschooling’, as some call it, is on the
upswing. In a recent issue of BRAT, a Louisville,
Kentucky-based youth webzine, unschooler Greg King tells why he
chooses to direct his own education. ‘There are no nagging teachers
or boring classes in my school day. Nobody brainwashes me in some
dungeon-looking room with boring lectures and skewed history books.
The only school I attend is the one I create for myself.’ A typical
‘school’ day for King includes helping run an independent
bookstore, attending city council meetings, studying karate and
computer programming, practicing with his band, reading books and
writing in his journal. King answers some frequently asked
questions about unschooling, like how to get a diploma, make
friends and stay motivated to study, and provides resources for
kids who want to find out how to unschool themselves.

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