Work to Live

It’s time to do something about skyrocketing burnout and the United States’ most hazardous work-related illness: vacation deficit disorder. There’s no question about it: We’re the most vacation-starved country in the industrialized world. Those employed by small businesses — the majority of workers — get an average of eight days off a year, while Europeans and Australians receive four to six weeks paid leave. In total hours, we now work two months longer every year than the Germans, two weeks longer than the Japanese.

Escape magazine has formed the Work to Live campaign because enough is enough. We need to change the insane burnout track we’re all on and get the time we need to travel, explore, spend time with our families, find ourselves.

Help make a difference. Sign Escape’s petition for federally required vacation time, which will be presented to the U.S. Congress this fall.

At Escape, you can sign the petition and print a longer one.

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