A User-Friendly Guide to the Candidates’ Environmental Stances

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Although the environment has come up somewhat briefly in the recent presidential debates, do voters really know exactly how the candidates stack up on issues like drilling, animal protection, and conservation?

Advocacy for Animals, part of Encyclopedia Britannica‘s website, has created a quick, four-part resource on those topics. “Environmental & Animal Welfare, Where the Candidates Stand” filters out the white noise of ads and accusations and leaves a clear, concise breakdown of each  presidential and vice-presidential candidate’s position on environmental matters, citing their voting records, public statements, and official actions.

The summary is not exhaustive, but still gives readers a good idea of what they can expect from the nominees.

Part 1: Drilling, Mining, and Energy

Part 2: Animal Welfare and Protection

Part 3: Global Warming

Part 4: Environmental Conservation

Image courtesy of ccgd, licensed under Creative Commons.

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