Veggie Oil and the Unconventional Tour Bus

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If a group of metalheads knocked on your door late at night asking for vegetable oil, your first instinct would probably be, “This is some bizarre, harebrained scheme to rob and/or murder me.” Then your second instinct would be to call the police. But in the case of the synth-punk band Mose Giganticus, they really do just want your cooking oil.

Grid writes that in the spirit of thrift (and necessity), Mose Giganticus decided as gas prices were too high to accommodate their relentless touring schedule, they would instead fuel their minibus with recycled vegetable oil gathered primarily from restaurants along their tour route.

This fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants method has led to more than a couple nights of desperate scrambling for spare veggie oil, and even when the unctuous stuff is collected, to be of any practical use it takes “a half-hour of pumping the grease into a processing tank; two hours of warming it in a water heater; an overnight cool-down to separate water and particulates; and a final hour-long run through a series of filters.”

So is bypassing gas stations worth having all your equipment perpetually covered in a delicate sheen of oil and your primary living space saturated with french fry fragrance? At the very least it’s a sign of die-hard dedication. So I guess, rock on…until you run into a town that’s hard-pressed to relinquish its stockpile of Wesson.

Source: Grid

Image courtesy of Pomai.

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